Thursday, December 23, 2010


Is it that time of year again when I have to blog? I haven't blogged for quit awhile... the business of life always gets in the way. Anyhoo... I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas this year and a Happy New Year! The Fossum clan is doing wonderful. Here is a run down of what is going on...

Enoch (11)- just got through with football season, his new found love. He has learned discipline, respect, dignity, and responsibility all in one swoop this season. He is very good at tackling even though he is a skinny little thing. I was very surprised to see him take down the big guys on the field. Enoch is also in the sixth grade and I'm starting to get a little nervous for him to be in junior high! He is a good kid and has grown around four inches or so over the summer. He just started babysitting for us when we go out on our weekly dates and is really great with all the kids.

Isaac- (9) went to soccer camp this year and really had fun in the heat of the sun. He also just memorized the 13 articles of Faith in which he can answer anything a mormon believes.... haha.
He is in scouts and really enjoys it... since it is just him and his best friend in his group. Isaac has become a real chatter box and loves to tell stories. I hope he turns out a good story teller like his dad.

Jacob (7)- the twins are getting big and have started first grade this year. Jacob was struggling at reading so he got into the resource program and has become one of the top readers in the program. He is best at sports and has found that he can really get the moves on when dancing to Just Dance on the wii.
Ben(7)- Ben is always busy. He loves to go from room to room and see what he can mess up... I mean that in a not so bad way. He is always wanting to play with friends, is always hungry, and never wants to go to sleep at night. I'm still wondering where he gets all his energy. Ben is very soft hearted and has become a good helper to his sister.
Rachel (2)- My baby is a big girl now! Rachel is doing well. She got tubes in her ears from all her ear infections and can now hear! She is delayed in her speech but goes around the house babbling anyway. She has just started pretending so a bowl and a couple fake foods can keep her busy for hours. She loves her brothers and they have really learned how to babysit her. They even put her to bed at night! Rachel is a sweetheart and puts the candy into our family of boys.

John is doing great. He is still a seminary teacher at Pleasant Grove High School and is teaching English online for DeVry University. He just got news that his article for a religion scholar magazine is going to be published! Besides work, John just finished a kitchen down in our basement. He was also the assistant coach for Enoch's team in football. I'm glad all that stress is over and we can just enjoy the holidays. John really enjoys being on the high council in the Stake and is in charge of the young single adult ward.
I(Sarah) am also doing wonderful. This past year my two running friends got into the St. George Marathon so I trained with them and then ran my own marathon with another bff. It was challenging and really fun so I'm excited for next summer when I can do a couple more. I have also cross trained and try to keep up on my swimming. I enjoy crafting and have a new blog with my sisters called It is a site that gives demos on all sorts of crafts!
I also still enjoy reading, being involved in bookclub, and working in the Primary in church.

This year has flown by so fast. We had so much fun seeing a lot of you at reunions and other gatherings and look forward to being with you in 2011. If anyone is looking to buy a house in Pleasant Grove (the best area around), we are listing our house and trying to move up the street. Why would I move anywhere else? The mountains are gorgeous, the schools are wonderful, and it is a great place to raise kids.
We hope you have a happy holiday!
love from the Fossum family and hopefully I will blog again soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Sarah. Wow on Enoch growing 4 inches! I can't believe that. :)

Liz said...

We love you guys! Each one of you. :) Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Sarah! It was so fun to get your Christmas card. Now I have your address so I can send you one next year...that is until you move maybe. Happy New Year!

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