Thursday, December 23, 2010


Is it that time of year again when I have to blog? I haven't blogged for quit awhile... the business of life always gets in the way. Anyhoo... I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas this year and a Happy New Year! The Fossum clan is doing wonderful. Here is a run down of what is going on...

Enoch (11)- just got through with football season, his new found love. He has learned discipline, respect, dignity, and responsibility all in one swoop this season. He is very good at tackling even though he is a skinny little thing. I was very surprised to see him take down the big guys on the field. Enoch is also in the sixth grade and I'm starting to get a little nervous for him to be in junior high! He is a good kid and has grown around four inches or so over the summer. He just started babysitting for us when we go out on our weekly dates and is really great with all the kids.

Isaac- (9) went to soccer camp this year and really had fun in the heat of the sun. He also just memorized the 13 articles of Faith in which he can answer anything a mormon believes.... haha.
He is in scouts and really enjoys it... since it is just him and his best friend in his group. Isaac has become a real chatter box and loves to tell stories. I hope he turns out a good story teller like his dad.

Jacob (7)- the twins are getting big and have started first grade this year. Jacob was struggling at reading so he got into the resource program and has become one of the top readers in the program. He is best at sports and has found that he can really get the moves on when dancing to Just Dance on the wii.
Ben(7)- Ben is always busy. He loves to go from room to room and see what he can mess up... I mean that in a not so bad way. He is always wanting to play with friends, is always hungry, and never wants to go to sleep at night. I'm still wondering where he gets all his energy. Ben is very soft hearted and has become a good helper to his sister.
Rachel (2)- My baby is a big girl now! Rachel is doing well. She got tubes in her ears from all her ear infections and can now hear! She is delayed in her speech but goes around the house babbling anyway. She has just started pretending so a bowl and a couple fake foods can keep her busy for hours. She loves her brothers and they have really learned how to babysit her. They even put her to bed at night! Rachel is a sweetheart and puts the candy into our family of boys.

John is doing great. He is still a seminary teacher at Pleasant Grove High School and is teaching English online for DeVry University. He just got news that his article for a religion scholar magazine is going to be published! Besides work, John just finished a kitchen down in our basement. He was also the assistant coach for Enoch's team in football. I'm glad all that stress is over and we can just enjoy the holidays. John really enjoys being on the high council in the Stake and is in charge of the young single adult ward.
I(Sarah) am also doing wonderful. This past year my two running friends got into the St. George Marathon so I trained with them and then ran my own marathon with another bff. It was challenging and really fun so I'm excited for next summer when I can do a couple more. I have also cross trained and try to keep up on my swimming. I enjoy crafting and have a new blog with my sisters called It is a site that gives demos on all sorts of crafts!
I also still enjoy reading, being involved in bookclub, and working in the Primary in church.

This year has flown by so fast. We had so much fun seeing a lot of you at reunions and other gatherings and look forward to being with you in 2011. If anyone is looking to buy a house in Pleasant Grove (the best area around), we are listing our house and trying to move up the street. Why would I move anywhere else? The mountains are gorgeous, the schools are wonderful, and it is a great place to raise kids.
We hope you have a happy holiday!
love from the Fossum family and hopefully I will blog again soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Park City here we come....

We just returned from the Phil Packer Reunion up in Park City! It was a delicious vacation! We rented three condos at Bear Hollow close to the outlet malls. We each had a hottub on the deck of our units and there was a pool in the clubhouse. We stayed there for three nights, and the kids loved playing with their cousins. At night the adults all put their kids to bed and we met in one of the condos and played games. It worked out perfectly because we had a lot of bonding time! We had a talent show and John and I did that act where you lay down on a table and lay your head upside down and wear an outfit on your head and paint your chin to look like a face. We sang the "Jackson" song from Walk the Line and the family loved it! It got a little out of control at the talent show and my sisters and I started clogging a hoedown. For those of you who don't know, we all took clogging back in the day. Anyway, needless to say the next door neighbor came and told us to be quiet. So you can tell how much fun we were having! The next day we had Field Day at a park and played games: relay races, soccer, kickball to name a few. It was sunny and hot but a cloud soon covered the sun and it was perfect. Every morning my sister Liz and sis-in-law Sara and I went on a morning jog on the local trails there and had time to catch up and talk. On the last day I got to go alone with my Dad. It was really nice to talk alone with him as well. Each condo took a turn cooking a meal every night and we all ate dinner together. It was a little chaotic but you just had to laugh at how big the family is now! My brother Sam filmed each family doing a little skit and he put together music and edited them for the last night. We met in my parent's condo and had a little movie night. Our family has a very crazy sense of humor so we got to enjoy some great comedy. The highlight of all the movies was the music video performed by my brother Ben doing a song from Labyrinth "Dance magic Dance". It was halarious. We also made a care package for my youngest brother James who is serving a mission in Argentina. We each wrote him a letter or drew him a picture. The next morning we took family pics in our tiedyed shirts that we made up there and said our goodbyes. It wa hard to say goodbye especially to Ben and Sara who live in Arizona. These are the times that we really bond and make good memories. Can't wait for next year! Love you guys!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moab Half Marathon 2010!

We had a really fun time this year doing the Moab Canyonlands Half Marathon last March. My friend Colleen did it with me too. It was a very cold morning because the sun wasn't in the canyon yet. We had to wait up the canyon for about an hour an a half before it started so the first mile or so felt wierd because our toes were numb. but then it warmed up and we took off. It took John 2 hours because he took his time and just had fun. Colleen and I came in at about 2 hours and 13 minutes. We didn't push ourselves and just had a fun time. Most of it was an easy gradual decline but there were some hills. It was fun to run in a place that was unfamiliar. I think that is why the race felt like it flew by. My bro Sam let me use his camera so I could take pics along the way. It was a gorgeous canyon with red rock and the Colorado river. John and I figured it was a bit expensive though because the race itself was $80 each, then with food, gas, and a hotel we ended up spending around $400!!! Next year I'm thinking of running it with a bunch of my girlfriends so we can share everything and cut the costs. Thanks to Sam also for watching all my kids when we were away, very fun for him I'm sure! Running is great and I'm really starting to take to these half marathons!!

Introducing our new Tortoise!

Here is our newest addition! Sawyer James Ford Fossum- a Russian desert tortoise. We bought him from Petsmart last February and since we were in a Lost watching frenzy, decided to name him Sawyer. He sleeps in a huge 52 gallon aquarium in Enoch and Isaac's room. I didn't know what it takes to keep this pet alive but I learned that he needs two kinds of lighting... uva and uvb. But he eats lettuce, some spinach, apples and pears. He really is a good little pet and very very low maintanance. Hopefully we will be able to keep him alive since I have killed fish and hamsters. Yesterday Enoch helped John build a big cage for him to be in the backyard during the Summer. It has to be at least 70 degrees outside. Welcome to our family Sawyer, we hope you will outlive at least me!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Swim Pro is Back!

John bought me a 24 hour fitness pass for two years for Christmas. I was so excited because I hadn't been swimming for a couple months and now I can go back! I usually have a routine down that includes swimming 20 laps with different stroke rotations. But I am ready for something new! So I have been watching youtube and yes they even have "learn how to swim" videos. I really want to learn how to swim the butterfly stroke but that includes the dolphin kick and really strong arm muscles. Today I decided to try the butterfly and looked like I was hula dancing in place while drowning. Better luck next time. I just learned how to swim last year and owe it all to my sister Liz who taught me. Now the pro is here and ready to go another year!

One of my goals this year is to learn a new stroke every couple months. But haha we will see. I have two triathalons (speed of course) coming this Spring. I have been trying to teach my friend Colleen how to swim as well, but I'm not a good teacher. I think my favorite thing to do though is sit in the steam room afterward. I bought some Eucalyptus Oil to spray in there so it is all healthy and minty. Mmmm, it's nice to relax after a good swim!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Lovin' Life Lots and Lots 2009

There are so many things we are grateful for and not enough space to say it, so we have come up with 9 ways to explain our joy from this year:

Lots and Lots of Family - We had a wonderful time this year with family. In May I went with Rachel and my siblings up to Boise to witness my cousin Nick's fabulous wedding. This was a big deal because I hardly get to see my mom's sissies. Then in July we went to Snowbird for a couple days with my dad's side of the family- the big Packer reunion. There is a blog post about this fun time. The kids loved the rides there! We had an awesome time with John's family in Fairview this past July as well. We rented a big house there and were given lots of R&R. I especially had fun WALKING a 5k with Alex and Erika. I still laugh about Alex's m&m's he carried in his pocket. Such a relaxing time! I am still going to do a post about that but there are so many pics that it is stressing me out! The greatest time was my brother Sam living with us for the summer. He moved up from Dallas and we were very blessed to have him in our home for just a short time.

Lots and Lots of Energy- Hopefully by now you all know that John and I love to exercise whether it be running, lifting, cycling, or aerobics. John did a couple marathons this year. He was a guinea pig for a new marathon that followed the Provo river down the canyon. He is looking forward to next year though when he will do the new Mountain Man Marathon. It is along the Bonneville trail up in the mountains. That is his territory and he loves mountain running! I am so proud to announce that my sister Liz taught me how to swim this year. Literally. I think I was so scared all those years to go under water that I never really learned how to swim laps. I did a triathalon with Liz and Cat along with our friends last April. Before that Liz taught me how to swim at 24 hour fitness. I was so frustrated but finally caught on and it has become my new love! So for Christmas this year I am asking for a 24 hour fitness pass from Santa! John and I snuck in some half marathons as well last year and love it like candy. Now that it is snowy and yucky outside we really miss those long runs. I also enjoy waking up at 5:30 every morning and going to the local rec center to take their aerobic classes. The teacher Marci rocks!

Lots and Lots of Luck- Just recently John woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in the ride side of his abdomen. Since I was such a pro and got my appendix out when I was ten, I kind of kne what it was. We rushed to the hospital at 3am and he got is appendix out at 7am. A quick surgery but long recovery. He is just no starting feel normal again. Also this past June I had an abdominalplasty. In other words my abs were seperated 7 inches and I really had to do something about it before it blew into a full hernia. Needless to say that was the toughest and most painful surgery but well worth it to "get put back together". You can read all about it in the June section of this blog. There are even before and after pics- woohoo! The kids did pretty well this year and only had a couple cavity's each. That beats extractions and root canals! Rachel got glasses a couple months ago because of her lazy eye that she was born with. I didn't want to go for the surgery to fix her eye so we are trying a more subtle way and it seems to be working! Anyway needless to say none of us died this year so I would have to say we have a lot of luck!

Lots and Lots of Learning- like I mentioned... I had a great time learning how to swim this year. I have also been learning some mean lifts at the gym. My favorite is called "skull crushers". Since John goes three times a week to lift he has taught me some new moves and I'm starting to feel like a pro! Ben and Jake are now in Kindergarten and are learning how to read and write. They are also learning to have their own seperate friends and have found that they love to play at other people's houses. Hey, I'm not complaining, that gives me time to have a nap! Isaac is learning how to play the piano and I am his teacher. He is doing really well with it and always asks for another lesson. I think I can teach better than I can actually play. Enoch is in fifth grade this year and is learning a ton! He is starting to catch on more to long division and has learned to do his homework without being asked. I think it is because he has a male teacher this year and really respects him. Enoch has learned how to babysit! That gives John and I a new freedom that we have never experienced! We are looking forward for all the years of dates without paying a babysitter! We have also learned this year how to make our own bread. We bought a wheat grinder and have learned to make John's mom's homemade bread recipe. So every week I make bread and it's delicious! Rachel is learning how to walk but doesn't really show much interest in it as well as learning how to talk. She loves the attention of being the youngest and a girl so I think it puts her learning a little behind. Someday she will catch on!

Lots and Lots of Work- John is working full time still as a seminary teacher for Pleasant Grove High School. He loves teaching the youth and is a great role model for the students. He is also enjoy his work for Devry University teaching English online. He has picked up two classes each term and really loves the fact that he can work from the comfort of his own home. I am lucky to be able to stay at home and be there for my kids. Although I still have a lot of work to do for example around 9 loads of laundry a week. I am working full time as a homemaker but love just playing with Rachel while the boys are at school. John just recently got called as a stake high counselman in our church so most Sundays he is gone to meetings and other wards. Sundays are hard for me but the boys are good at helping out. I am working in the Primary Presidency and really love the children in our ward. It seems like kids are so brilliant these days and each have a special gift to give the world. We love our callings and have put them as one of the most important things to us in our lives. Speaking of work, we also painted our kitchen cupboards black this past summer. I saw it on a blog and loved the look of it so we read her instructions and did it ourselves. We love the destressed look and think it's great because if our kids run into them and it makes a ding it just adds to it! That was hard work but we love how it looks! John also put in new lighting in the kitchen and that makes a huge difference!

Lots and Lots of Firsts-Rachel turned one this year and also got her first tooth. Now she has four. It is fun to see her with all her firsts. I absolutely love babies! Isaac got baptized this year into our church and has really grown since then as a new member of our ward. His cousin Lacey was also baptized and we had a nice luncheon afterwards. We bought Enoch his first cologne and deordorant this year although he probably doesn't need it yet. He puts it on after he has a shower and it makes him feel so big. He used to spray John's cologne on him before school so he is glad to have his own now! I got my first life size cardboard character of Edward from Twilight. my friends decorated my front lawn for my birthday and Edward was standing by the front door. Now it's in my boys' room and they still get freaked out by him there. But I have to admit I totally love the Twilight series and saw New Moon for the first time and three other times since. John even took me to it! I also went off sugar and realized for the first time that I'm an addict and so are my kids! My friend Colleen and I did a half to half challenge. We went off sugar from one half marathon to the other that we did at the end of the year. It was two months to be exact. It was hard and challenging but the best thing for my body! Next year we are paying our kids to not eat sugar!

Lots and Lots of Laughs- On the right side of our blog there are quotes from our boys and the funny things they say. In fact the other day Ben came up to me upon finding out that the toothfairy was late in delivering a reward from Jake's tooth and said, "I know why the tooth fairy hasn't come yet. I think she has the swine flu." They are always saying the funniest things that make us laugh! John is still getting lots of laughs over the fact that last year he put a student's used phone in my stocking and told me that was all he could afford. (although he gave me the new phone like an hour later.) He played it up for the whole hour though and it really didn't bother me at least it was a phone. He always tells his students that now and gets a laugh out of my reaction to that. But I really didn't mind getting a used phone! So this year hopefully I can get him back by some of the gifts I'm giving him. John is a great story teller in fact that's one of the reasons I married him so there are always lots of laughs at our house! I don't think I've ever laughed so much then when I'm around him.

Lots and Lots of Fun- We had loads of fun this year taking the kids on new adventures. One of which our friend let us borrow his four wheelers and we took them up American Fork canyon with the boys while John's mom watched Rachel for the day. It was very fun especially when John took us the wrong way and led us up an extremely difficult and bumpy path! We also had fun in Idaho this past summer at the sand dunes and the drive-in theater. (we ended up being the only ones there because it was a rainy and cold night). This year our boys have really taken to playing board games and we are excited about that because John and I are gamers! We love to play board games with bowls of candy and popcorn and bathe in the beauty of having fun with small minds. They really are better at some games than we are especially with the Wii!

Lots and Lots of Blessings- We feel really blessed this year especially with John's jobs because of the economy. We are so blessed to have the necessaties of life and so much more. I think of all of you especially during this holiday season and remember how you have touched our lives in one way or the other. We feel extremely blessed to have you in our lives and realize that the most important things are the relationships that we have with you.
I want to end this letter with a challenge and I love giving and receiving challenges. I want to challenge you to read the Book of Mormon, even if you are not a member of our church. Let me know if you read it and what you think of it. I know that it will help you in your life and know that God has the capacity to give you blessings if you will read this book and take it to heart. I love a good book and am in the process of speed reading it during the next two weeks. One of John's goals this year was to read the Book of Mormon two times this year and he is almost done with that goal. So our challenge for 2009 is to read the Book of Mormon!
We are especially grateful for the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and hope that we can remember him not only at this time of year but all the time. He is the reason for all seasons! We love you and wish you the best for 2010!
Love, the Fossums
Sarah and John
Enoch, Isaac, Jacob, Benjamin and Rachel

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holy Yummy!

Tis the season for Spudnuts! The other night Liz and David and their kids came up and we made spudnuts and ate them all! They are especially delicious when they are fresh and hot. My mom made them every year when we were growing up for neighbors during the holidays, and my Mom-in-law makes them as well with a special spice: cardimom. I like to combine the two recipes and make my own. I was thinking of opening up a doughnut restaurant called "Rispie Ream". I know it sounds like Krispie Kream but hey, if I can get people to come to my resaurant that way all the better!
Spudnut Recipe
2 C. Milk
7 C. flour
1/2 C. shortening
2 eggs
1/2 C. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. cardamom spice
1/2 tsp. salt cream of tartar (optional)
2 T. yeast
crisco veg. oil for frying
1 C. mashed potatoes (I use instant)
Cream together sugar, shortening, and mashed potatoes. Warm milk and add to mixture. Add all ingredients except flour, mix well. Add flour, kneading until smooth and elastic. Let rise until doubled in size. Roll out and cut into shapes. I use a mason jar lid for the doughnut shape and a smaller lid like a lemon juice lid for the hole. Let rise again. Heat oil on medium heat. Test a doughnut before cooking to make sure oil is hot enough. Place doughnut counter side up in oil. Cook to a golden brown. Icing: powdered sugar, water, vanilla. Mix until semi-thick. You will love these!